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FREE Online Mouse Colony Management Database and Software. Soft Mouse in the cloud is the leading brand in mouse colony breeding software and is supported by digital mouse colony data management experts. Try SoftMouse Mouse Colony Database FREE.
July 22, 2024    9:15 am
Iseehear Inc.
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IseehearĀ“s science applications stemmed from the need of one of IseehearĀ“s founders, who is a neuroscience researcher, to manage the scientific process in a more practical and efficient manner in order to increase productivity and reduce the inefficiencies that currently exist in the biomedical laboratory.

IT Service and Support you can rely on.    24 hours.     7 days a week.     Every day of the year.

Iseehear's diverse team of Digital Mouse Colony Management Experts are available 24 / 7 to assist you as much (or as little!) as you need.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the data management tools they need to be efficient investigators.

Contact us at anytime with questions, suggestions, feedback - we would love to hear from you on how we can assist you and improve our service!

Call +1 416-492-4358 (Toronto, Canada)   or    Email [email protected]
Read what some of our customers say about us...

"SoftMouse is the best way to track mouse data.
Getting the data into the database is easy and querying the data is better than anything else I have seen or used.
Before SoftMouse it took me hours to chose mice for experiments (same sex, genotype, etc.). With SoftMouse it takes me 2 minutes to filter the data based on the experimental specifications!"

      - Danielle, Animal Technician, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
"I am really loving SoftMouse. It is so intuitive and definitely so much easier to use than my spreadsheets!"

      - Jennifer, Research Associate, Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute
"I really had a good service from the Iseehear team - they give answers very fast. We always feel like somebody is there to help us, the customer service is A1!"

      - Marie-Claude, Facility Animal Research Technician, McGill University

Toronto - New York - Stockholm - Paris
Head Office: 250 University Avenue Suite 200 M5H 3E5 Toronto, Ontario Canada
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